About us

ROMANIA TRAVEL is the incoming project of Europa Travel – an initiative born as a manifestation of independence and spirit of adventure of a few enthusiasts, where tourism is a way of life first and then a business.

We are animated by the same values and purposes. We want to offer Romanian most important touristic objectives worldwide, in order to use the local tourism potential.

We are open to any opportunity which has as result our product portfolio development, quality increase and product innovation.



We believe that Romania has a real touristic potential. Therefore, we want to create products dedicated to worldwide travelers, offering them the opportunity to experience Romania as any other top destination. We want to bring our contribution for creating Romania a top worldwide touristic destination. Our products are dedicated to any range of travelers and tourists: individual, groups, and companies; travelers, event organizers, health treatment beneficiaries, as well as sport and nature lovers. Here is the idea that motivates us in everything we do.


• With new tourists always make good business
The ratio between price and quality is excellent, regardless the chosen product. This is the most important of our values.

• We think of maximizing the quality/price ratio
ROMANIA TRAVEL Tourists deserve the same quality services in Romania as in any other top destination. Our products are customized for any request, and the way we speak is understandable. We want to be always up to expectations and even surpass, therefore all our efforts are aimed at improving the quality of services and satisfaction to our customers.

• We are honest
We have nothing to hide, communicate openly and we rely on trust. Tourists and other types of public can access all details of our products, services and our activities.

• We are professional and efficient
We travel and we know how to organize a nice holiday or a suitable trip. Those who choose us are part of complete tourist assistance. We always offer customers everything we promise.