Tourism and Treatments of Stomatology in Romania


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  • Why tourism doctoring in Romania? Romania is a part from 2007 to the EU, which means that the safety standards of health, hygiene and quality imposed by part of the Ministry of Health, are the same as in the rest of the states of the EU. All this has led in recent years on opening clinics high end, with equipment of last generation. The clinic in which we work, represents one of the elites of the clinics of Bucharest. The clinic is very concerned about their customers. That is why respects the most stringent national and international standards (EU & SUA), referring to sterilization procedures and control of the transmission of bacteria and viruses. The team of doctors, is formed by doctors who have finished the courses at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila - -Faculty of medicine Pinking specialty, with more than 150 years of tradition. Each medical team has special courses of Stomatology: surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics, Endodontics, cosmetic Pinking, general dentistry. To the doctors who work in this team, they do not like to make two times the same thing. Why take all security measures, for high quality results and lasting. Complete know-how with a very wide range of materials from top, to ensure you have a carefree smile.
    The clinic with which we collaborate, uses the concept of "one-stop Dentistry Concept -OSD", through which is provided to the patients, a full range of dentistry services. The team of doctor who works at the clinic, covering domains as: general Stomatology, surgery, prosthetic Pinking, implants, parodontology, Pinking esthetics, Endodontics, orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry. The clinic has with machines to make dentals radiological examinations. You can say that all the problems are solved in a single place, without infinite paths of a specialist to another. The patients have to order us its information (name, surname, age, country of residence and its telephone number. The doctor of the clinic will contact with the client, to see the problems of the same one. He, it will indicate the steps that it has to do: analysis (panoramic radiography, blood test, etc). The patient will have to order these results to the clinic, where the team of the doctors, will analyze the case, will do a plan of ideal treatment, will estimate the duration of the treatment and the cost. One of the doctor of the clinic, contact with the patient to transmit the response of the equipment for your event.

    One of medical them clinic, contact with the patient to transmit the response to your case.

    At this point, the customer has to contact us or the Agency with which we work in Spain, to make the formalities for travel, accommodation, tourism. In the majority of cases, these treatments go hand in hand with a wide variety of tourism, providing patient - tourists, a very wide range of useful and pleasant holiday.

    The patients – tourist who come in Romania, are mostly from the EU and benefit from treatments to a high standard, made with equipment of last generation, in the dental clinics with which we work. The biggest advantages that the patients have, are the costs of these treatments, which it can come up to 75 % less, compared to the same treatments standard realized in western countries. In addition, the patient can take advantage of free time, to get to know the capital of the country - Bucharest, get to know the famous Transylvania region with its famous castles, combining in this way, dental treatments with an unforgettable holiday in Romania.

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  • dental implants :  from 350 Euro

  • e-max ceramic veneers : from 350 Euro

  • porcelain fused to metal crown : from 150 Euro

  • zirconia crown : from 260 Euro

  • e-max full ceramic crown : from 300 Euro

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